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Fastest Way to get going commerce:

Hybris PDP (Product Detail Page) and PLP (Product Listing Page) are essential components of the hybris platform that enhance the customer's shopping experience. The PDP provides a detailed view of a specific product, allowing customers to access comprehensive information such as pricing, specifications, images, and reviews. It is designed to be user-friendly and visually appealing, enabling customers to make informed purchase decisions. On the other hand, the PLP displays multiple products on a single page, allowing shoppers to compare various options easily. It plays a crucial role in guiding customers through their purchasing journey.

SAP Commerce has defined  packages featured in the Rapid Deployment program:

  • Starter Kit with PDL, PLP, SOLR with Required Impex scrips

  • Express - Compiled Jars and library references 

  • Accelerator - Ready to go compiled and functional readiness applications.

The 3 packages allow businesses at different points in business to establish themselves quickly, launching a website in as little as 6 weeks. Within this time frame, Magento Solution partners will deliver a fully responsive, transactional Magento Commerce website.

In addition to PDP and PLP, hybris also offers robust media management capabilities. This allows businesses to effectively manage and showcase different types of media files associated with their products, such as images, videos, and documents. Media assets can be organized, edited, and published seamlessly within the hybris platform, ensuring an engaging and immersive customer experience.

Another significant feature of hybris is its integration with Solr, a powerful search engine capable of handling large amounts of data. With Solr integration, businesses can offer quick and efficient search and filtering functionalities on their online stores. Solr indexes product information and provides lightning-fast search results, enabling customers to find exactly what they are looking for without any delay. It ensures a seamless and efficient search experience across the entire hybris platform.

The quick deployment capabilities of hybris allow businesses to launch their online stores rapidly and effectively. It offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that simplify the setup and configuration process. This ensures that businesses can go live quickly, reducing time-to-market and enabling them to capitalize on market opportunities promptly.


Additionally, hybris provides extensive documentation and resources to support the deployment process, making it a reliable and efficient solution for building and running e-commerce platforms.

Overall, hybris PDP, PLP, media management, Solr integration, and quick deployment capabilities collectively contribute to enhancing the functionality and user experience of online stores, empowering businesses to attract and retain customers in the competitive e-commerce landscape.

SAP Commerce Accelerator Package Deployment services:

Recommended for: SAP Commerce Implementation partners.

Price: $85000 Fixed OR Time and material

This package covers as below:

SAP Commerce Accelerator Packages are pre-built solutions designed to help businesses quickly implement and customize SAP Commerce Cloud, formerly known as SAP Hybris Commerce. These packages provide a starting point for e-commerce projects, reducing the time and effort required for implementation. The specific steps for implementing an SAP Commerce Accelerator Package may vary depending on your project's requirements and the version of SAP Commerce Cloud you are using. However, here are some general steps to consider when implementing an accelerator package:

Project Preparation:
   - Define your e-commerce project's goals, requirements, and scope.
   - Assemble a project team with the necessary skills and expertise, including developers, business analysts, and SAP Commerce experts.
   - Determine which SAP Commerce Accelerator Package is most suitable for your needs. These packages are often industry-specific and tailored for B2B or B2C use cases.

2. System Setup:
   - Set up the necessary development, staging, and production environments for SAP Commerce Cloud.
   - Ensure that you have access to the SAP Commerce Cloud Backoffice and HAC (Hybris Administration Console) for configuration and development.

3. Installation and Configuration:
   - Install the selected SAP Commerce Accelerator Package, following the provided documentation and installation instructions.
   - Configure the accelerator package to align with your specific business requirements.
   - Customize the storefront design and layout to match your branding and user experience.

4. Data Migration:
   - If you are migrating from an existing e-commerce platform, plan and execute data migration to transfer product catalog, customer data, and order history to the new system.

5. Integrate with Other Systems:
   - Integrate SAP Commerce Cloud with other systems, such as ERP, CRM, payment gateways, and third-party services.
   - Ensure data flow and synchronization between SAP Commerce Cloud and these systems.

6. Custom Development:
   - Develop any custom functionality or features that are not included in the accelerator package but are necessary for your e-commerce operations.

7. Testing:
   - Perform thorough testing, including functional, integration, and performance testing, to ensure the system works as expected.

8. User Training:
   - Train your team on how to use the SAP Commerce Cloud platform and the newly implemented features.

9. Deployment:
   - Deploy the solution to your production environment.

10. Monitoring and Optimization:
    - Set up monitoring tools to track the system's performance and user behavior.
    - Continuously monitor and optimize the system for performance, scalability, and user experience.

11. Documentation:
    - Create and maintain documentation for your SAP Commerce Cloud implementation, including configuration settings, customizations, and integrations.

12. Support and Maintenance:
    - Provide ongoing support for the platform, addressing any issues and applying updates or patches as needed.

Remember that SAP Commerce Accelerator Packages are designed to streamline the implementation process, but customization and fine-tuning will be necessary to meet your specific business needs. Our SAP Commerce Team provide all required documentation and important resources to deploy the product and sustain. 

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My Story

CerroAlto Digital with their expertise in commerce software, is highly skilled in deploying the hybris platform in a super efficient way. They possess in-depth knowledge of the hybris suite, which includes both front-end and back-end development.


CerroAlto Digital proficiency in using Java, Spring, and other relevant technologies allows them to develop robust and scalable commerce solutions. They meticulously analyze business requirements, design innovative solutions, and implement them with great precision.


Their efficient deployment approach ensures excellent performance, high availability, and seamless integration with other enterprise systems. They optimize the hybris platform's capabilities to deliver exceptional user experiences, streamlined operations, and increased revenue generation.


Moreover, a CerroAlto Digital stays up-to-date with the latest industry trends, thereby implementing cutting-edge functionalities and features into the commerce software. They also incorporate best practices and industry standards to ensure the solution is maintainable and scalable in the long run.


Overall, a CerroAlto Digital  who deploys commerce software in a super efficient way combines technical expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of clients' business needs to deliver exceptional results.

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